Rig a wood kayak for fish

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Jun 28, 2006

I've got all sorts of photos and text and how to rig a wooden kayak for fishing. The boat involved is a ten-year-old CLC Patuxent 17.5, since retired from kits and plans.

The blood and feathers of rigging a wooden involves drilling holes in that beautiful varnished deck, so those descrips (fortchoming) might not be good for builders who have owned their boats less than a year!

I've also got stuff on basic lures, leashes, and local eastern U.S. species.

Hey, landing a fish in rough water from a kayak will make you either a capsized or better paddler pretty fast!

For the drilling the deck section, that involves installing beneath the aft or foredeck a plate to which you stainless steel-bolt a rod holder, thenceforth always removable but for its unobtrusive base plate.

There's a bunch of arguments against rod holders, however, one that their placement inevitably interferes with an efficient paddle stroke.

Anyway, I've got five or six posts up at http://paddlingtravelers.blogspot.com/



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