Crossed the Finish Line!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 28, 2006

Howdy Gang! Well, I'm home at last all of a sudden. Wow, what a trip! I left June 4th for OkoumeFest in Annapolis, and now it's June 28. I'd call that a fair bit of road work, wouldn't you?

I bought a used popup camper immediately before I left, scared up one with a broken cable lift system so I got it cheap. Fixed the cable thingy right away, and hit the road without knowing anything about it otherwise, except that it's in excellent condition where it counts most -- the inside is perfect and everything works, including the A/C. Another cable snapped on me in West Virginia last week, however, but I quickly spliced it with $5 worth of crap from Lowe's, and the tool kit I brought along for just such an occasion. It's a grand and perfectly wonderful camper, but now I need to overhaul the lift system to make it the great buy I'm still convinced it was (is). At least I can say it made the 4,178 mile jaunt okay, and kept me in perfect comfort without fail. Hey, I never missed a single night in it, and it even kept me bone dry even through the drenching storms y'all had out East of late, that finally caused me to make a dash for home, back to the good ol' Sunny Texas Gulf Coast.

I know I need to talk about OkoumeFest, but that was ages ago, and it's the camper that made this road trip so entirely exciting, entertaining and amusing. But I'll return to this forum by and by, and tell you all about it... plus, I'll give a little inside peek at the operation, and the folks, who make up CLC too. Oooh, I can see 'em starting to squirm already! But there's not gonna be much in the way of dirt, folks; that's a pretty cool crowd up there at Headquarters. I'll go ahead an warn you now that it's going to be a bunch of gushing, actually.

Thanks John, for talking me into this crazy, wonderful trip!!

Lord, I have too much to talk about, but right now I'm looking at re-starting a house that's been dormant for a month, and looking at grass that's ass high. Skuze me French, but it rhymed and I couldn't resist. I need to get busy around here... real busy.

Be back soon, just wanted to let everyone who gives a big one know that I made it home safe and sound after all.

Cheers! Kurt