Varnish glitter

Posted by Chris J. on Jun 29, 2006

I've applied 3 coats of varnich to the deck and would like to add 2 more. Im using Captain's Spar and it's very glossy and easy to apply. I've been thinning slightly with their thinner. I've been wet sanding between coats with 400 grit and then rinsing well with only water and paper towel drying - no tack clothes, laquer thinner or alcohol. I am applying the varnish with yellow foam epoxy rollers and tipping with a foam brush. I am working in a very clean area with an air cleaner and very little floating dust.

My only concern is a glitter like effect that appears in the area where I start using the new roller each time (if I start at the bow, the effect seems to fade off by the time I reach the front of the coaming). I assume they are very, very minute bubbles and it is noticeable considering the remainder of the deck looks like a mirror. Any suggestions of how to overcome this on my final coats?