Weights: Fact or Fiction?

Posted by MikeY on Jul 9, 2006

One consideration when selecting a boat for carrying on the roof of our SUV has been its weight. We wanted a small boat to take along with our trailer when camping and travelling around the country. One suitable for fishing and just paddling around enjoying the water.

So, we chose a Sassafras 12 which is supposed to weigh 26 pounds. It's finished now and painted with a few coats of paint. Much to our surprise it weighs 40 pounds without seat or other accessories!!!

My general question is whether the weights suggested on the web site for this or any other model can be believed. Are these just marketing figures? Should we view them as relative amounts rather than actual amounts to be expected when built? Sure more coats of paint would weigh more than no paint at all, but I should think that the 26 pounds advertized ought to include some reasonable amount of finish/sealer coatings.

I wonder what others have experienced when contrasting finished weights with marketing weights. I'd like to have another boat, perhaps a kayak, but am concerned about having too much weight to lift over my head and on to the the rack of our SUV. Weight matters.