Re: Weights: Fact or Fict

Posted by J. Schott on Jul 10, 2006

Boy, this one has got the board going! I'm like Kurt here, CLC's specs are right on in every aspect. I too have paddled a lot of their demo boats and picked up quite a few too. The Sasafrass 12 is a very light boat. I know because I've picked it up, several times in fact, because I couldn't believe how light it is. I may step on some toes here, and I hope that I don't offend. The problem here is that the question is being raised by the owner, not the builder. Only the builder has the answer to this question, not us. All we can do is give our experienced opinions.-Joey

p.s. Don't even get me started on EPA fuel milage ratings! Blame the EPA for that one!

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