Fair is Fair

Posted by M Davis on Jul 10, 2006

Okay, this thread got me wondering how much overweight my recently launched WR18 really is. Of course almost maxing out the total load capacity with just the paddler aboard it would be hipocritical for me to complain about being a little overweight. As far as paddler weight goes I'm a lot overweight.

My WR18 comes in at a portly 54 lb ready to go. That includes full bungee rigging, full perimeter lines, seat, back band, paddle float, pump, cockpit cover, deck nails, end pours, Yakama adjustable foot braces, flush hatches with Moby latches, and toggles. If I take the "not part of the boat" stuff out the scale says 49 lb.

Being my first S&G building attempt I can see several areas where I could the reduce weight - easily enough to get under the advertised 45 lbs, and if I wanted to go all out maybe even under 40.

Bottom line is: the advertised weight is reasonable and the boat is far and away better then anything else I have ever paddled.

Happy paddling, MD

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