Re: Bed liner for bottom

Posted by John Beck on Jul 12, 2006

Absolutely NOT. It weighs a ton, results in a textured surface that will increase the drag so much that you'll think you're dragging an anchor, will eventually need recoating anyway, I'm not sure how you could ever remove it after you realized what a bad idea it was, and the appearance is, well, less than attractive.

Interlux Brightside is a hard one part polyurethane paint that goes on easy and looks great. If your worried about a few scratches on the bottom then a quick light sanding of the bottom each spring and a fresh top coat will have it looking like new.

To protect the bow and stern you can add the wear protector that CLC sells, although I cannot find it on their website anywhere, that is a layer of dynel in epoxy with graphite filler, very tough.

In Response to: Bed liner for bottom by Chris Martin on Jul 11, 2006