Local waters knowledge

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Jul 13, 2006

Sea kayakers seeking detailed heavy weather, hazard, tidal current and landmark knowledge of waters anywhere in the United States can't do better than to visit NOAA's website and download a local coastal pilot. Coupled with nautical charts, a sharp eye, and a good handheld or deck mounted compass, coastal pilots can make even the newest waters seem familiar.

For a general overview of a NOAA pilot, go to http://paddlingtravelers.blogspot.com/2006/07/coastal-pilot-book-instant-local.html

For a few of a pilot's vivid more vivid particulars, go to http://paddlingtravelers.blogspot.com

Coastal pilotc can also be bought from your favorite marine supplier or online at Amazon. The books are a truly amazing resource.

To do it the hard way by downloading an entire pilot, go to http://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/nsd/coastpilot.htm



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