Re: Can't bend deck prope

Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 18, 2006


Thanks for the suggestion... Unfortunately, that is exactly what I did and I still can't get it to bend properly... I've had two helpers and the combined effort still was unproductive... What really worries me is that even if I do get it in place the nails and epoxy won't hold... So as it stands right now, one half of the deck is attached (from the cockpit to the front bulkhead), epoxied, and nailed, and the rest juts out over the front of the kayak... If I have to, I can try to force the remaining deck down to the sheer clamps with ropes. (I used to work securing very heavy loads on big rigs...) I can easily force the deck into shape... But I'm afraid I'll break the deck or crush the hull in the process... And even if I am successful, will the nails (or screws) and epoxy hold secure?

Should I try cutting a hole in the deck for a hatch? (The less deck I need to "deform" the better?)

Thanks again for your help!


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