Re: Can't bend deck

Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 20, 2006


I just tried to torque down the deck to the sheer clamps... Then I heard all-too-real cracking noises... No joke...

Ok friends, I admit that I must have done something wrong during the construction process... I messed up somewhere... My fault... I messed up...

But now you've all seen the picture... I need a "Plan B". Should I saw off the front of the deck flush with the front face of the front bulkhead and rebuild from there with new knees and a gentler curve? Should I cut off the current errant deck and replace it with that of a strip kayak? Should I hack open a hole for a hatch and hope that that gives the ply enough room to move? Should I split the front deck "stem-to-stern" fashion and reconstruct?

Any thoughts (aside from simple observations that I am a woodbutcher) are DEEPLY appreciated...


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