Webbing buckles

Posted by Chris J. on Jul 20, 2006

I think this may be my final question before launch! I've got all the deck rigging on except for the polypropolene webbing to secure the hatches. I'm building from plans so I've had to hunt for all the hardware. The only type of side release buckles I can find involve sewing the webbing to one end, with the other side being fed through and adjustable.

The sewing part is not an issue as my wife is more than happy to stitch them up. I was wondering though if stretching may be an issue. If the webbing stretches over time and I can only adjust one side, am I going to be left with buckles that are askew of center on the hatches? Or is stretching not that big an issue with polypropolene? Has anyone else out there used these types of buckles with success?