Re: Can't bend deck

Posted by Mrs. Alan on Jul 20, 2006

Well in the interest of getting more responses more quickly, I'll kick in here... Alan is building this lovely little kayak for me. To answer the main question that was posted upstream: yes, the epxoy on the underside of the deck has already cured. Doh! So now what do we do, Mr. Spock?

Gober, thank you for the encouraging words, and the Plan B scenario. Can you post some pictures of what you're referring to? I think that would help immensely. Also, since I'll be the second set of hands, it'll better help me picture what needs to be done.

Mic, I don't think we [i]can[/i] pull the nails and lift the previous part of the deck, as it's already both nailed [b]and epoxied[/b] to the sheers! Sigh. But your English is very good, and thanks for your idea.

Anybody else who has any ideas or wants to come to Cape Cod and help us out, jump right in! We'll be glad of the assistance!

Thanks everyone.

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