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Posted by gober on Jul 20, 2006

I would love to post some pictures but right now I do not have that ability, I changed my ISP recently. My old ISP didn�t remove my webpage when I cancelled so you can still see my website http://users4.ev1.net/~mgober/, but I can�t add anything. So I can email you some pictures, I'll start look for them. If you want you can send me your email via [email protected].

Now back to Mic I agree with him, I started mine from bow to cockpit for the foredeck then stern to cockpit for the aft deck. Is what we see in the picture cured and stuck? The nails tend to pop out sort of easy if you put a putty knife between the hull and the deck and gently pry. If its all stuck down and cured you may have to heat it with a heat gun but be very careful.

I am not sure if the foredeck is a total loss or not. Since that epoxy has cured its really not going to want to bend, thus the cracking noises. I posted earlier that after you get it off maybe you can sand down some of the epoxy and go at it again; hopefully someone will respond to that question.

The alternative is that you call CLC and see about getting a new foredeck sent to you.

All is not lost I too think that installing the deck was the hardest part.

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