Re: Can't bend deck prope

Posted by Jim L on Jul 20, 2006

I have not built a Mill Creek, but doesn't this frequently mentioned problem make a good case for doing a dry fit (a dry "bend" if you will) before setting off with the underside epoxy coat, shear clamp epoxy and ring nails? I like to do a dry fit on the entire deck, fore and aft sections, using lots (about 12) straps to hold everything down. I then lay some damp towels on the forward section ot the deck (where the bend is the hardest) and let it sit for a day or so. I also make lots of refernce marks so that I can lay the deck pieces back where they were, to within an eighth of an inch or so (which is as close as I can do anything), when the epoxy is applied. I've only built two boats (CH 17 & CH 16), but this method has worked well. No surprises!! Jim

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