Re: Body shop hand cleane

Posted by craig on Jul 20, 2006

Sorry if I misled you. I wear gloves and do not make a mess except when I am glassing a boat. Regretfully, I do this about once a week, for I let my hobby get away with me and started to build a few strip canoes. These get glassed on the outside, the inside, and I glass the decks on. I regretfully offered to sell one to a friend, now they all want to buy one. I can't stop now, because I have six out there and people are coming out of the wwodwork. When I glass, I use a squeegee and sling epoxy all over the place, cuz I live in beautiful Fla and only get a pot life of 10-15 minutes most of the year. I have also found that when you have sweated through your clothes the epoxy tends to migrate through the cloth and get on your skin anyway. Where it gets on me it itches to beat the band. This is the reference I meant to convey.

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