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Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 21, 2006

Hi Bert,

Whew! You asked a tough one, (for me at least)... If I understand your post correctly, you're looking for Mil spec "mil-W-25361, (AA55242)" material... (polyester dacron webbing or strap material). The following company makes that stuff, and if they can't cut it to custom size...

Another company that might be worth attention is offers promise too... might be able to help you...

In general, I've found that if I can just get on the phone with a real person and plead an honest case, companies will bend just a little bit... Explaing that I'm a canoe/small boat builder gets me a lot of leeway from complete strangers and even very large companies...

Gee whizz... All we want to do is buy their product at their price!

Keep us posted as to how it goes!

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