Re: Can't bend deck prope

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 21, 2006

Yes, we forgot to mention the cussing. That's the secret ingredient, the indispensable emollient which makes the impossible possible, the difficult easy.

In fact, and I'm giving away insider secrets here, various tasks can be categorized according to the amount of cussing required to make them happen.

For example, stitching is usually a 1 *** **** ** project for first timers because of the wire poking one's fingers. It may be promoted to 2 *** **** **'s if there's excessive hull twist removal. Getting that coffee table finish is probably a 2 *** **** ** job. Your deck sounds as if it was a 2 dozen *** **** ** job.

Glad you made it through and that it worked out for you. Good luck with the rest and may it need no more than 3 *** **** **'s for the whole rest of the boat.


PS - any chance of an after picture?

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