Re: A case for steel wool

Posted by Mac on Jul 21, 2006

The only downside I see with steel wool, synthetic steel wool and the like is that there is no firm, flat backing and any fairing is lost.

This may be a small point in the greater scheme of things, but I noticed that my surfaces got a little smoother and furniture-like between varnish coats when I wet sanded using those hard rubber automotive backing pads with my wet 400 grit.

I used 3M Green masking tape on my painted/varnished yak, and it held up to the wet very well.

This is the only place I'd even consider using the dreaded Tack Cloth by the way. Once done, it must be banished from the workshop before any more epoxy work is performed.

As Doug said, " Just my $.02 US. (Too flippin' confusing to keep converting - I just opened an account in an American bank).

Off to the the lake and the Deer Flies.


Mac from Montreal

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