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Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 22, 2006

Hi Scott,

First of all there is absolutely nothing stupid about your question... You ask an excellent question.

Ok, I absolutely agree with the CLC person who answered your question... That picture speaks volumes!

Beyond that, I'd simply suggest that you pick up an architect's triangular scale and spend a few minutes learning how to read the scaled drawings, (if you're not already familiar with the ruler... The process of learning how to use these things really isn't that bad and once you know how they work... They're a lifesaver!) That way you can level and plumb the pram as CLC drew her, taught the string stem to stern and make EVERY PRECISE measurement you need.

The following is a Web site that sells those rulers, (though this is NOT an endorsement... If the truth be told you probably can pick up these rulers at your local "Big Box" hardware store for under a buck! I've bought them for less!)

You ask a superb question!

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