Re: Epoxy on shopcam lens

Posted by mike noeske on Jul 22, 2006

What I find interesting is the lack of details of what boat under contruction the photos are of. Just the date the photo was taken, nothing more.

Puzzle locks instead of scarf joints...Newer model. Friday photos don't look like a shearwater (I am no expert, tho). Glassing the inside of the hull with one peice of cloth. Could be an optical illusion, but the hull shape looks kinda different, low sides, flatish bottom transitioning into a vee. If you look at Friday's picture where they are laying the cloth inside, kinda looks that way.

I wonder, hummmm, could they be sneak peaks at the SOT?


In Response to: Epoxy on shopcam lens by Laszlo on Jul 20, 2006