Re: smart track systems

Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 22, 2006

Hi Mark,

There are four areas of concern involving the "Smart Track System" (and any other rudder system for that matter!)...

The first is the mating of the rudder to the kayak itself. If you remove the stress off the cords, does the rudder move freely by hand? If it doesn't, there is your problem (or at least PART of your problem).

The second is some sort of cord/cable binding... If you disconnect the rudder and actuate the pedals, do you feel inappropriate resistance? (BTW... Lubrication works wonders!)

The third possible problem may lie in the movement and/or orientation of the pedals themselves... If you remove tension off the cords, do the pedals themselves move freely thru the complete range of travel?

The forth possibility is that the cords aren't attached to the pedals at the correct location/orientation and that you've lost mechanical advantage - that is to say that the system "feels" stiff and "herky jerky"

As a parting thought... Don't be surprised if the problem stems from multiple small problems...

Keep us posted...

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P.S. The following folks seem to have some real experience with Smart Track!

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