Re: Fein Turbo Vac

Posted by CLC on Jul 24, 2006

We have eight of the Fein Turbo Vac II's here in the classroom. I swear the room is LESS dusty when all of the sanding is done than when we began.

The two things that are really different about a Fein shopvac is that they're super-powerful (if everything's dialed in, the sander will suction itself onto an inclined surface and not fall over) and they're super-quiet. You can hold a normal conversation standing next to a running unit.

Another cool feature is the plug on the unit that senses when you turn the sander on, and turns the vacuum on at the same time.

We bought about half of our Fein vacuums from Amazon/Tool Crib and half of them from Jamestown Distributors.

In Response to: Fein Turbo Vac by Scott on Jul 24, 2006