Posted by philip Welch on Jul 25, 2006

I"m about to start ewith the epoxy on the interior but I am hesitant as I'm not certain my stitching is ok.

To begin with, the stern bottom section, keel, extends 1/2" beyonf the upper section. Should I undo all the wires and try to match the stern pieces or is it possible to trim the extra piece?

While stitching I did not 'finger tighten' but did my best to match side to bottom joints. I did not see the the direction, several pages later, telling me to tighten after fitting the bulkheads. The diagrams on pg. 90 would have been very helpful on pg. 86.

However, the product appears to be straingt and true. Yhe fore bulkhead fits snugly 1' aft of the recommended mark and the aft one will fit with a little shaping. They do not side in easily.

I really do not understand the concept of the wedges in the keel. Do you turn it over to check the keel line or are the 'humps and hollows' to be seen while it is right-side-up? Should I be loosening the keel wires to accomadate the bulkheads?

Thanks Scott for posting your question as the idea of running a line down the center sure looks like a help to me.

Standing by with epoxy in hand... Phil