Re: stitching

Posted by craig on Jul 25, 2006

Did you say that the fore bulkhead fits 1 foot aft of the noted location? If this is what you said, please do not put it there. You may not have enough leg room. Also, the spreader stick should account for the shear clamps. If the boat is wider than the plan says it will tend to flatten the bottom. Try hard to put the bulkheads where they are supposed to be. I wish that I had put wheels on the stand for my firsy boat so I could have looked at it from more angles and distances when I first assembled it. Take your time and get it as close as possible, if you stare at it long enough you will probably see what is crucial and structural and what is fluff. Enjoy your boat often.

In Response to: Re: stitching by Alan Speakman on Jul 25, 2006