Re: 3D scanning

Posted by John Beck on Jul 26, 2006

Although my idea has nothing to do with Susan's objectives, I think it would be interesting to randomly gather a dozen or so Chesapeake 16 kayaks built by home builders and a few built by CLC and measure them all to develop an envelope of building deviations from drawing spec. Having built two Chesapeake 16 kits side by side, and troubles others seem to have in getting the boat stitched together properly, it appears that each peace of plywood wants to bend differently, but in the end, is the shape any different? We wouldn't have to do a complete measurement of each surface just six, or so, cross sections, and the keel rocker. Susan, pack up your machine and bring it to the next OkoumeFest.

In Response to: Re: 3D scanning by susan on Jul 25, 2006