Safety issues

Posted by Jim L on Jul 29, 2006

Thanks to everyone for the valuable input. This is obviously serious stuff, and I suspect that a lot of paddlers don't really appreciate the dangers until "things go wrong", and then it might be too late. My wife and I will begin by practicing assisted rescues. (Even in the calm, shallow, narrow rivers where we paddle, one of us could capsize. This might not sound like an emergency, but there are gators in these rivers, big ones!! The motivation to get back in the boat will be strong.)

Thanks also for introducing me to the North Shore Paddlers and the University Of Sea Kayaking sites. There is a wealth of information at these sites, and I plan to order some of the DVDs from USK. Watching these, and then going out and practicing some of the techniques will, hopefully, better prepare us for that "incident" that we don't anticipate.

Thanks again, Jim

In Response to: Paddle float re-entry by Jim L on Jul 27, 2006