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Posted by Mac on Jul 29, 2006


Thanks as usual for your insight. I agree that 4 panel plywood hulls far outnumber multichines - just easier and simpler. I found this out last winter when I made a Solace 17EX hull from Edmonton's Waters Dancing (10 panels, but quite round). My first two hard chined hulls are from another Canadian designer - Roy Folland. Primary and secondary stability are different between the two styles as expexted - making me want to try a Night Herron type stripper next to go all the way (chineless?). I use sweeping strokes to combat cocking - that and constant leaning with the hard chined boats.

So, I guess there's no hard and fast answer with all being a compromise - we just love each of them for their own features and adapt to their shortcomings.

Cheers Lee!

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