Re: Epoxy won't cure

Posted by CLC on Jul 30, 2006

Sounds like a bad mix. If you can peel the fiberglass off, you should. A mix that's 15-20% "bad" can sometimes be saved. But given two days at 85+ degrees, it seems evident that the epoxy isn't going to cure properly.

Once the 'glass is peeled off, take the boat outdoors and slosh it down with lacquer thinner, which cuts epoxy. You'll need industrial rubber gloves and eye protection, as lacquer thinner is nasty stuff. Scrub the hull thoroughly with a clean rag.

Likely there'll be some epoxy left on the hull, which you can sand off if you're inclined, but which is unlikely to disrupt the replacement coating of fiberglass.

The epoxy pumps are highly reliable except when very cold. If they aren't dispensing in a smooth stream---no hiccups allowed---STOP and sort it out.

In Response to: Epoxy won't cure by Bill Brennan on Jul 30, 2006