Re: Cartopping

Posted by David Warren on Jul 30, 2006

Not exactly the same problem as with a 'yak, but For what it's worth, my Sass' 16 is transported regularly on this little Mazda 121. I use "roof racks" made from pool floats, ratchet tie-downs and and PVC plumbing pipe. I've installed a couple of strap loops (yellow in photo) under the hood, attached to to suitable bolts, which can be brought out when needed to secure the bow, and similar points on the back of the car.

It works a treat. Solid as a rock. I didn't use traditional roof-racks because they would only be about 2 feet apart on the little roof. This way, I can achieve more than a yard, much better to support the boat without snapping it in the middle!

In Response to: Cartopping by Karl on Jul 30, 2006