Re: Combing height....

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 31, 2006

Haffa inch'll work as a bare minimum, but in my experience it's a PITA. I now insist upon 3/4" so I won't dread the skirt.

Lee's comment about setting the back band forward of the coaming is a good 'un. I'll add that recesses are cool, too. Dave Houser is the champeen adder of recesses to S&G boats.

I recently tore out the old coaming on my Cormorant and rebuilt it, specifically to raise the rim from a half inch to three-quarters, and also to recess it. Net gain - or loss, actually - was 1 1/2" in height (I also flattened the rear deck).

Cheers, Kurt

Cormorant Rebuild

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