Re: Drill-fill-drill

Posted by Steve on Jul 31, 2006

> Last year someone posted a variation on the drill-fill-drill technique that is describe in the tech tips

That might have been me. I don't know that my technique is better or improved, but it seems to work for me for installing screws through the deck and into the sheer clamps.

My method: I drill the appropriately sized pilot hole for my screws. I drive in a screw into the hole, then remove it. This cuts threads into the bare wood. I then drip epoxy into the holes, and let it soak into the wood for about five minutes or so. Next, I drive in a screw and remove it again. This forces more epoxy into the wood and squeezes out the excess. I wipe up the squeeze-out and clean up the screw. (I re-use the same screw for this step for all holes that I am working on.) I then let the epoxy cure overnight. The next day, I have threaded holes in the wood that are sealed and reinforced with epoxy.

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