Re: Epoxy on shopcam lens

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 31, 2006

7/31 - The cockpit bottom stiffeners are on, and it does indeed seem to have a 2-level cockpit.

I don't know if it's an optical illusion or what, but does anyone else see the rear deck in the bottom picture looking as if it's 2 layers of wood? In the top picture it just looks like a color difference, but in the bottom one it seems to actually have height and a different curve. For that matter, in the top picture, it's not just darker, the grain pattern looks different. And back at the bottom picture, there's spots that look like sealed temporary screw holes. There's also what looks like a fillet running along the darker piece's edge. Anyone else see this, or am I just imaging things?

I just love Kremlin-watching,


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