Rack Options

Posted by Ed CLC on Jul 31, 2006

We would defer to Thule with regards to the proper spacing. I checked their catalog, and just as you said the Versa is not listed just yet. Rest assured, I�m sure they will have a rack for it shortly. As always, a bow and stern tie down is recommended. As long as you go for a quality rack system, you should have no worries about long distant traveling.

As for the Autoloaders - these are a nice product! We can�t keep them in stock. In fact we have been selling the Malone products for a few years now, and we have had nothing but positive feedback. Most of us here at CLC use the simple rack pads. But if you want to haul more that 2 kayaks on a standard crossbar (50-54�), you need the Autoloaders. If you are only hauling one boat, get yourself a set of rack pads and tie down straps.

We are a Thule dealer, so let us know if you need any assistance on that end.


In Response to: Hey CLC guys by Karl on Jul 31, 2006