sailrig progress

Posted by don foote on Aug 3, 2006

Well, it looks like I won't be making my deadline of next week for finishing the sailrig (Going to the coast of MA for a week). Still I'll have the kayak, paddle, and the downwind sail. something about a new baby in the house really cuts into play (boat construction) time...

Still making some progress - here's a pic of my leeboard in tha jig. It is a variation (of course...) from the plan design. The variation was more from having some different woods on hand that I was seeking to use for aesthetic purposes. The center of the leeboard is okoume plywood. The two long sides are two inch wide strips of white birch. I plan on adding in two pieces of oak for the bottom and top (short sides), or maybe just on the bottom....we'll see.

While I know the strength of epoxy, I still drilled five holes along the mating edges of each pice of wood, filled with thickened epoxy and inserted short wooden dowels to add strength to the joint.

Still finalizing the modification to allow attachment of the akas to my plastic (gasp!) boat...

Happy boating all!