Anchor tricks

Posted by mike noeske on Aug 3, 2006

A neat trick that some kayak fisher people have started, is to attach the anchor to one of those retractable dog leashes. They have anchor trolleys, push the button and the anchor deploys (a-ways?), play out the line you need and lock it in place, push the button and it retracts. Great for when you need to get that anchor up in a hurry, and can be done with one hand. Very handy when the other hand is holding the fishing rod with a monster redfish (snook, tarpon your choice) hooked up.

Usually have a choice between 16' and 26'lengths.

They do recommend carefully opening the case and coating with some type of protectant, to prevent rust.

There may be a picture here, but there is a link to a pet supply place so you can see what I am talking about.


retractable leashes

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