Re: mid trip damage fixes

Posted by John Beck on Aug 8, 2006

3M 5200 is not in the "instant" category as it takes a full 7 days to fully cure. Even "fast" 3M 4200 which cures in 24 hrs is better, but still not "instant." Granted both are very tacky out of the tube, but a bead around a hole covered with plastic won't withstand any type of pressure causing it to shear (imagine water building up on a sheet of plastic used to replace a lost hatch cover. The bead of uncured 3M 5200 won't resist the weight of the water which will pull the plastic/bead inward as the water builds up, and eventually the sealant will be spread too thin). And once it cures, it is almost impossible to remove!

Duct tape, a cloth to dry the surface, and a trash bag should get you home.


In Response to: Re: mid trip damage fixes by Alan Speakman on Aug 6, 2006