Re: how would you sand ??

Posted by Tim on Sep 26, 2006

Like was mentioned, no need to sand. Just go for it.

On the side, I have seen this issue posted in the past, many times. I can't remember which order of buisness the manual said, but I created my end pours b/4 the deck was attached. I mentioned somewhere also, this is a good place to use up all the leftover materials while you are building, a little here, a little there. It worked out just fine. If you find you have leftover un-thickend resin, just mix in a little sawdust, cabosil, whatever. That way it can be goobered in and stay and you won't have to stand it up on end and all that crappola and risk having a disaster like Kathrine. (Hope her fix goes well!)After all the purpose of the end pour is is to give the tips of the bow and stern some integrity. Chuckle if you want, but epoxy is expensive and if you are on a limited budget, it seems fitting. By the by, I need to buy some more to finish my canoe project. But right now cost is a factor. I only need about 10 ozs, maybe. Is there any where I can get small quantities?

Peace out.......

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