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Posted by Erik L. on Sep 27, 2006

Check out to see what I am referring to.

The hybrid uses two different kinds of support for the crossbars (as opposed to 4 of the same): one pair at the back on the stock rack, and the other pair that sits forward of the rack. My set-up was recommended by a Yakima rep at a Kayak show. The �LowRiders� at the rear clamp onto the factory rack. The forward supports are �Q Towers� that clip forward of the ends of the stock rack. They are held tightly in place by an adjustable clip that hides under the forward side windows.

All those words are useless without a picture. I hope this helps. I haven�t used it this way yet, so I can�t give you any other insight for how it works in the real world.

I�m sure there are similar set-ups that can be created with Thule products, which CLC sells (plug for them!).

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