Re: End Pour vs dam metho

Posted by Tim on Sep 28, 2006

Man oh Man! This haunting yarn can go on forever. IMHO, I feel that it is probably best in all cases to not shortcut the shears. Go ahead on and take the little extra time to compound miter them full length. It doen't take all that long to do, and like many other things in these builds, you don't have to be a skilled craftsman, although believe it or not many of us become that after taking on one of these projects, to get the job done. Oh, I suppose there are those that will quibble about the weight? Cripers, we are not building space shuttles. At any rate, that in and of itself makes for better strength. Put the pours, or leftovers in as you build and b/4 the deck goes on. Might be worth CLC suggesting this in their manuals?

In Response to: Re: End Pour vs dam metho by LeeG on Sep 26, 2006