Re: Tailex trailer?

Posted by Tim on Sep 28, 2006

No experiance with that model but I have pulled many a trailer in my short lifetime. A lot depends, tow vehicle, trailer length, tounge lentght, tires, road conditions, your skill leval/confidence etc. I prefer a longer length tounge because you have better control when backing up, especially if you combine that with a tow vehicle with a short wheel base. I have a canoe trailer, well it is actually our Scout Troops, that runs about 12' and hauls 5 18' canoes. I have pulled that with my Wrangler, way over exceeds my limits, but for short trips ok! Have ya given thought to YAK Stakers? I think Thule has one, probly others out there too. Anywho, I believe you could probably stack at least 4 boats on the sides with that system. Someday, if I get bored I will search my pic archive, I believe I got an action shot of my mighty Wrangler loaded with 5, recreational kayaks piled up and strapped on her! Again, short shuttle trips only. We gotta be safe here!

In Response to: Tailex trailer? by James Eager on Sep 28, 2006