been going on for years

Posted by LeeG on Sep 28, 2006

methinks the decision to fore-shorten the sheerclamps was done on a whim as the size of the resulting gap requires as much epoxy to glass the deck with 4oz cloth. All as a labor saving effort so folks don't have to cut a long angled cut on the sheerclamps to allow the side panels to come together.

The problem is that the resulting gap requires a larger than necessary amount of epoxy to join the deck /hull. Also if the 4mm deck/hull aren't joined and taped off well with NO gaps in that 4"-5" stretch the likelyhood of heated epoxy leaking through and leaving a puddle occurs.

With the sheer clamps to the ends it only takes about 2oz fill in the bow and 4oz in the stern for rudder post.

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