Re: Tailex trailer?

Posted by Mike Hanks on Sep 28, 2006

I use the old style of Yakima Stackers on my truck and regularly haul 5-6 kayaks on top for long distances. I make sure to double strap and use bow and stern lines whenever possible. I have had a strap fail while cruising at 70 mph before. A bow line saved the two kayaks on that side.

That said with a smaller car, you will get better mileage with a trailer. My truck doesn't notice the yaks on top.

The wheels on the Tailex look small, I would not use it at highway speeds without at least 12" wheels. Small wheels have to turn faster and that is hard on the bearings.

I know several people who have built their own kayak trailers from a basic Harbor Freight trailer. Check the link below for one example from Marcel Rodriguez.

The Trailer Project

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