Re: been going on for yea

Posted by CLC on Sep 28, 2006

>>>>>>methinks the decision to fore-shorten the sheerclamps was done on a whim>>>>>>

Youthinks wrong. For five years during the 90's I took near-daily calls from builders having trouble cutting the compound bevels in kayak kits. We made it easier by cutting the sheerclamps short and using an endpour to reinforce the ends of the kayak. The epoxy endpours are stronger than solid wood ends for kayaks---right where it matters, where you drop the ends on concrete parking lots---and holes for grab loops are easier and less likely to result in water incursion through the grab loop aperture.

There are tradeoffs with every step but the advantages---especially for builders who haven't built as many boats as you---are overwhelming. We'll be sticking with endpours.

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