Re: Tailex trailer?

Posted by Erik L. on Sep 28, 2006

Hey James,

I�ll chime in on this too because in addition to the Yakima rack we talked about earlier, I ended up getting a Trailex SUT-250-S for my Dinghy. As CLC says, it is very light and easy to maneuver. I drove it 550+ miles at highway speeds one day without any issues.

Wiring for the Subie was a pain, but it probably is for any after-market rig on most cars. You may have a better predisposed set-up depending on model year. I like for after-market hitches. Subaru will charge too much, although it may be easier for them to set up the wiring harness for you if you don�t want to tackle that.

I don�t know if you have the WRX or the non-turbo. Subaru emphatically discourages using a trailer on the turbo model. I (along with a lot of other happy WRX owners) considered, than promptly disregarded their warning. The trailer is very light (approx 150#), and coupled with light boats, it shouldn�t pose too much strain on the engine and turbo.

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