actually not fading, so

Posted by Charlie Jones on Oct 1, 2006

much as darkening. The wood on exposure to UV DARKENS. I was building a pair of yaks just a couple weeks ago and had a round lead weight holding something flat on my shop floor. In ONE DAY there was a very noticeable round light place where that weight was sitting. But I suspect it all gets to be a match as the wood ages. This darkened to match by the next day.

Another point- from looking at that picture you posted, the marked difference in the two upper strakes could quite easily be light hitting grain differently. If the pic was shot the other way, that light/dark change could well reverse. I've had furniture where we'd stained something that looked just great from one side, but walk around and let the light hit it differently and it looked horrible. I'm betting that's what you are seeing rather than fading, judging from what I see in the picture.

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