Re: Fading wood

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 1, 2006

My 2 cents:

It's nothing to worry about. Wood is a natural product. It has variations which would be considered flaws in something synthetic like plastic, but which are a normal part of a product which started out alive.

If one side is not a perfect match to the other, it just proves that it's a real wooden boat.

Uniformity is an artifact of the mass-production age. It began when craftsmen and artists were replaced by machine operators. If you look at today's ultra-high-end luxury goods (clothes, cars, boats, planes, artwork, etc.), you'll see that no two are alike and that the natural materials they use have "flaws". It's the Walmart crowd that gets the identical plastic pieces.

So Tanimoto-san's boat is declaring itself as a handcrafted work of art. And as the other guys say, it may eventually fade to a match. Or it may not. Either way, it's a lot better looking than any uniformly dull plastic boat.


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