Something to chew on�

Posted by gober on Oct 2, 2006

So my family and friends go on a 21 mile, 2 day canoe trip once a year on the Brazos river here in Texas. I have a MC 13, not a piece of art but not a beater either. The stretch of river has some shallow places with sharp rocks but for the most part it�s plenty deep. I would love to take my yak but I fear beating the crap out of it. I have been thinking of different methods to protect its flat bottom. One method I came up with was to get some cut to fit floor protector that they sell at the hardware store. The stuff is rubber and on long rolls. Cut it to fit, then to pop some grommets in it, place it on the bottom and use bungee�s across the top to hold it in place. Another option I thought about was to place maybe 4 strips on wood, like rub rails, on the bottom and glue it in place. If anyone else has tried anything like this I would love to hear about it. I don�t think I�ll be able to execute any ideas before next weekend due to school requirements, work and family.

Thanks for your thoughts!