Cover for Mill Creek

Posted by Alan Speakman on Oct 2, 2006

Hi all,

This is going to sound like a crazy question...

Has anyone thought of draping a canopy/bug-proof tent on the cockpit of the MC 13? I'm thinking of a cross between a lightweight waterproof top, and an ultra-lightweight, bug-proof screen...

My guess is that if built properly, it should:

* Have three 1" wooden posts, (one at each vertices of the cockpit.) * In an emergency, be instantly disposable. * Follow the lines of the kayak itself. * Be EASILY stowed within the MC. * Have a screen held down to the deck by slight weights... At any moment, paddling or a photo should be there for the taking... Just push the screen out of the way... * Keep out the drizzle and "no see 'ums".

Just a thought...