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Posted by John Beck on Oct 2, 2006

Alan, I have done such for the cockpit cover of my Beetle Cat sailboat. The screened in triangular ends were added for air flow when overnighting on the boat.

In this case the the boom acted as the tent ridge pole with Sunbrella fabric ( sloping to the sides. The triangular end portions have screen. I put velcro to attach to the cover and added a tube of fabric along the bottom filled with bird shot for a pliable weighed edge to seal the bottom.

For better viewing from the MC13 I suppose you'd want screen all around which would complicate the structure considerably. Rather than a ridge pole and parallel edge on either side you could make a V with a point in the boat and 1/2" pvc bent into an arc over the top of the V (I've successfully used PVC for the bows on the trailing cover for the Beetle). Have one V at each end an one in the middle to support the canopy. You'll have to devise attachement points of the V to the cockpit. A velcro attached ridge pole would help hold everything together and prevent the canopy from sagging. Make the V with a pivot bolt at the point so it folds straight and have a cord at the top to limit the spread when the bows are attached. Quite compact. The PVC ridge pole could be done in 2 or 3 pieces with the standard PVC connectors (glued only to one length of pipe).

I have visions of a miniature launch in mind, so don't forget the ruffle along the edges of the canopy. Any prey the wind doesn't pipe up.

I think its very doable.


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