Re: Something to chew on�

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 2, 2006

Lissen to Rhude, dude. He sports five solo finishes in the Texas Water Safari, and that's roughly equal to God for us mortal paddlers. If anyone knows how to deal with draggin' @ss on a Texas river here, it's Doug.

He paddles CLC Pax 20's, or whatever they are when he gets done with 'em, btw.

For you non-Texans, the TWS is a little 265 mile race for paddlers we have every year. Starts on a Hill Country river, and finishes on a Gulf Coast bay. It's well worth running; if you manage to finish in under 100 hours without dying, you get a free t-shirt.

Doug, I believe, is in the 60's. Hours, that is, not years, although I'm told he looks about 106 in Seadrift...

Cheers, Kurt

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